Advantages of Microglas® Flake & Fleka®

Advantages Microglas® Flake & Fleka®

The addition of Microglas® Glass Flake forms a multi-barrier parallel to the surface of the component. This barrier significantly reduces the permeability of the component thus reducing the absorption of liquids and gasses and improving the fire resistance by restricting the supply of oxygen.

  • Extended life of protective coating. Glass Flakes dispersed through the coating prevent the ingress of water vapour and chemical solutions
  • Prevention of cracking and peeling. Glass Flakes provide a thermal stabilisation layer in the protective coating and gently reduces the risk of cracking and peeling of the coating due to thermal shock.
  • Improved wear resistance. Glass Flakes increase the hardness of epoxy and polyester resin coatings, giving higher resistance to surface wear.
  • Chemical resistance. C Glass has greater resistance to chemical attack, compared to other types of glass