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Microglas Nanoflecs

Microglas Nanoflecs is a new range of glass flake products which are capable of containing functional substances e.g. Pigments, UV absorbers within the flakes. 

The flakes are typically 1 micron thick and have an effective diameter of 10 microns. 

The extent of micro-porosity in the flake can also be controlled to give a range of effects at low addition levels. 

Nanoflecs are particularly effective in encapsulating nano-materials within a much larger particle size matrix whilst preserving the high performance characteristics  typical of many nano materials . 

Nanoflecs are composed of glass as a result the product is very durable and can easily be processed in standard equipment such as polymer extruders and high shear mixers without being degraded. They are also extremely thin and therefore have a high covering power and good tactile feel on the skin.